Every November we have a research colloquium where students who have completed their Mphil theses present a summary of their research. Although I have procrastinated in posting this, herewith the list of topics of the research presented last November:

Fundi Cwele: Towards an Inclusive and Green Growth Path: A Review of the South African National Development Plan’s Approach to Economic Growth

Louise Jones: Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Justice Advocacy: An exploration of factors which impact corporate South Africa’s engagement

Brett Rightford: Exploring hemp farming as a sustainable agriculture in South Africa, using a social-ecological systems approach

Kelly Scott: Exploring the role of storytelling in environmental communication: A study of a documentary campaign aimed at South African millenials

Beryl Visser: Women entrepreneurship development in South Africa: towards transformative innovation

Ann Gacheri Kaimenyi: A differential urban food metabolism of Cape Town households

Lerato Mahamo: A qualitative analysis of household food insecurity in urban and rural households in Maseru

Nontsikelelo Mngqibisa: Assessment of Collaborative Mechanisms for Planning Processes in building Resilient Cities: Case studies of Blantyre and Harare

Mosili Liphoto: Exploring the impact of Lesotho Highlands Water Project compensation plan on the livelihoods of resettled communities

Elena Mancebo Masa: Enabling complexity thinking in urban regeneration in Cape Town

Michelle Cruywagen: Exploring the usefulness of Just Transition strategies in mitigating the risk of labour losses in South Africa’s energy transition

Andy Muranda: Investigating the Global Renewable Energy Revolution: Waves, Cycles and Transitions

Andrew Murray: The blockchain-energy Nexus