Brilliant article that confirms my own reservations about the standard feminist explanation for why us men rape, kill and beat women, ie it’s because of patriarchy. It’s far more complex and sinister than that. Yes, of course it is patriarchy; but misogyny (hatred of women) is rooted in shame, according to this article. And shame easily turns into fury. This makes so much sense. We men, she argues, fear being mocked by women not because we care what women think, but because of what other men may think of us. We fear other men! And so to prove we can be men to other men, we boast about how much we hate women. For some this is explicit and physical, for others it is ever so polite and subtle because it works insidiously at the psychic level. Yes, it’s horrifying, but this rings true. We men have to face our demons. Women are making sure of that.