As the storm lashes the Mother City, I am on the opposite end of the planet in one of the safest places in the world – Helsinki. I am attending the 20th meeting of the International Resource Panel. Yesterday I got approval for the finalisation of the research project that I have been leading called the Resource Requirements of Future Urbanization. Compiled by an international team, it was scrutinized by no less than 21 external reviewers in a blind review process! And remarkably, all were complimentary about the report, but in total nearly 100 significant changes need to be made. Such a pleasure to be part of such a scientifically rigorous process (albeit during the process it is easy to curse it). Then my friend Maarten and I go hiking this weekend in a nearby national park, and next week I will be in Utrecht – this will be a more relaxed ‘time-out’ in another ultra-safe place. So looking forward to the meandering streets and great cafes, and more talks with Maarten, of course (he heads up the Urban Futures Studio). I then head to Gothenburg in Sweden to present a paper at the annual Sustainability Transitions conference on the dynamics of the global urban transition.