Author(s): Swilling, M., Tavener-Smith, L., Keller, A., von der Heyde, V. & Wessels, B.

Type of publication: book chapter

Reference details: The paper that can be downloaded below is the very first draft of a paper that integrates several pieces of research – the reference details for the final post-peer reviewed version that will only be available on publication are: Swilling, M., Tavener-Smith, L., Keller, A., Von der Heyde, V., Wessels, B. 2012. Rethinking Incremental Urbanism: co-production of incremental informal settlement upgrading strategies. In: van Donk, M., Gorgens, T. & Cirolia, L. (eds.) Pursuing partnership-based approaches to incremental upgrading in South Africa. Johannesburg: Jacana, forthcoming.

Keywords: incrementalism, urbanism, informal settlements, upgrading, urban development, housing policy

Download: Swilling et al 2013 – Isandla paper – first draft