The annual International Sustainability Transitions (IST) conference that took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, this year on 18-23 June, brought together once again the sustainability transitions community – a rapidly growing interesting interdisciplinary group that is focused on the dynamics of transition to a more sustainable world. Originating in the work by a mainly Dutch school of researchers (Geels, Schot, Loorbach, Grin and others), this community of mainly European researchers has made a significant impact on how the academic world understands the complex dynamics of sustainability transitions. I presented a talk based on the International Resource Panel report that I co-authored entitled The Weight of Cities: Resource Requirements of Future Urbanization that will be published later this year (click on link below for access to the talk). Three of my Phd students also presented papers, namely Lauren Tavener-Smith: Co-producing knowledge and development interventions in settings of multidimensional inequality: lessons from a South African informal settlement upgrading project; Mapula Tshangela: five complementary lenses in sustainability transitions and policy dynamics: a literature review; Megan Davies: Renewable energy and urban transitions: insights from South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme.